Gamedev Framework

A framework to build 2D games in C++11

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Gamedev Framework (gf)

Gamedev Framework (gf) is a framework to build 2D games in C++11. It is based on SDL and OpenGL ES 2.0, and presents an API that is very similar to the graphics module of SFML with additional features. It is not a game engine, it is more something like a framework, similar to libGDX in the Java world.

Gamedev Framework (gf) is licensed under the terms and conditions of the zlib/libpng license.


gf 0.5.0 (14 Jul 2017)

gf 0.4.0 (14 Apr 2017)

gf 0.3.0 (14 Jan 2017)

gf 0.2.0 (14 Oct 2016)

gf 0.1.0 (14 Jul 2016)


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