Gamedev Framework

A framework to build 2D games in C++14

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Gamedev Framework (gf)

Gamedev Framework (gf) is a framework to build 2D games in C++14. It is based on SDL and OpenGL ES 2.0, and presents an API that is very similar to the graphics module of SFML with additional features. It is not a game engine, it is more something like a framework, similar to libGDX in the Java world.

Gamedev Framework (gf) is licensed under the terms and conditions of the zlib/libpng license.


gf 0.9.0 (14 Jul 2018)

gf 0.8.0 (14 Apr 2018)

gf 0.7.0 (14 Jan 2018)

gf 0.6.0 (14 Oct 2017)

gf 0.5.0 (14 Jul 2017)

gf 0.4.0 (14 Apr 2017)

gf 0.3.0 (14 Jan 2017)

gf 0.2.0 (14 Oct 2016)

gf 0.1.0 (14 Jul 2016)


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