Gamedev Framework (gf)  0.10.0
A C++14 framework for 2D games
Procedural content generation

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Gamedev Framework (gf) provides some useful tools for procedural generation. Here is a quick overview.

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A coherent noise is a pseudo-random function. It can be used to create textures, or maps. The most well-known type of noise is probably Perlin noise. Noise functions, in general, can be the basic bricks for procedural generation.

Noises classification:

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List of noises

Basic noise:

Name 2D 3D
Value noise gf::ValueNoise2D
Gradient noise gf::GradientNoise2D gf::GradientNoise3D
Better Gradient noise gf::BetterGradientNoise2D
Simplex noise gf::SimplexNoise2D
OpenSimplex noise gf::OpenSimplexNoise2D gf::OpenSimplexNoise3D
Worley noise gf::WorleyNoise2D
Wavelet noise gf::WaveletNoise3D

Noise adapters:

Name 2D 3D
Fractal noise (fBm) gf::FractalNoise2D gf::FractalNoise3D
Multifractal gf::Multifractal2D
Hybrid Multifractal gf::HybridMultifractal2D
Ridged Multifractal gf::RidgedMultifractal2D
Hetero terrain gf::HeteroTerrain2D

The famous Perlin noise is just the combinaison of a fractal noise and a gradient noise but has its own classes: gf::PerlinNoise2D and gf::PerlinNoise3D.


Value noise:


Gradient noise:


Simplex noise:


OpenSimplex noise:


Perlin noise:


Algorithms and structures


Midpoint displacement

Midpoint displacement is a method for generating a heightmap, in 1D or 2D.

Diamond square

Diamond square is an improvment of midpoint displacement.