Gamedev Framework (gf)  0.12.0
A C++14 framework for 2D games
gf::Flags< E > Member List

This is the complete list of members for gf::Flags< E >, including all inherited members.

combineFlags(E flag)gf::Flags< E >related
combineFlags(E flag, F ... others)gf::Flags< E >related
Flags()=defaultgf::Flags< E >
Flags(NoneType)gf::Flags< E >inline
Flags(AllType)gf::Flags< E >inline
Flags(E e)gf::Flags< E >inline
getValue() constgf::Flags< E >inline
operator &(Flags flags) constgf::Flags< E >inline
operator &=(Flags< E > flags)gf::Flags< E >inline
operator bool() constgf::Flags< E >inline
operator&(Flags< E > lhs, E rhs)gf::Flags< E >related
operator&(E lhs, Flags< E > rhs)gf::Flags< E >related
operator|(Flags flags) constgf::Flags< E >inline
operator|(Flags< E > lhs, E rhs)gf::Flags< E >related
operator|(E lhs, Flags< E > rhs)gf::Flags< E >related
operator|=(Flags< E > flags)gf::Flags< E >inline
operator~() constgf::Flags< E >inline
reset(E flag)gf::Flags< E >inline
set(E flag)gf::Flags< E >inline
test(E flag) constgf::Flags< E >inline
Type typedefgf::Flags< E >