Gamedev Framework (gf)  0.12.0
A C++14 framework for 2D games
Events, controls, actions


Event type Field in gf::Event Field structure
gf::EventType::Resized size gf::Vector2u
gf::EventType::KeyPressed key gf::Event::KeyEvent
gf::EventType::KeyRepeated key gf::Event::KeyEvent
gf::EventType::KeyReleased key gf::Event::KeyEvent
gf::EventType::MouseWheelScrolled mouseWheel gf::Event::MouseWheelEvent
gf::EventType::MouseButtonPressed mouseButton gf::Event::MouseButtonEvent
gf::EventType::MouseButtonReleased mouseButton gf::Event::MouseButtonEvent
gf::EventType::MouseMoved mouseCursor gf::Event::MouseCursorEvent
gf::EventType::GamepadButtonPressed gamepadButton gf::Event::GamepadButtonEvent
gf::EventType::GamepadButtonReleased gamepadButton gf::Event::GamepadButtonEvent
gf::EventType::GamepadAxisMoved gamepadAxis gf::Event::GamepadAxisEvent
gf::EventType::GamepadConnected gamepadConnection gf::Event::GamepadConnection
gf::EventType::GamepadDisconnected gamepadDisconnection gf::Event::GamepadDisconnection
gf::EventType::TextEntered text gf::Event::TextEvent


A gf::Control is a object that can react to an event. A control can be active or not. For example, a control for a key is active when the key is pressed and inactive when the key is released.

gf provides some predefined simple controls:

You can define your own controls. For example, you could define a control for a combo or a control for Konami Code.


A gf::Action is an abstract description of a user action. An action can be associated with several controls, an action becomes active when one of the controls is active. Then an action can be instantaneous ou continuous. An instantaneous action is active only once and then becomes inactive. A continuous action is active as long as one of the control is active.

A gf::ActionContainer allows to group actions and easily broadcast the events to all controls of all actions.