Gamedev Framework (gf)  0.11.0
A C++14 framework for 2D games
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gf::Event::GamepadAxisEvent Struct Reference

Gamepad axis event parameters (EventType::GamepadAxisMoved) More...

#include <gf/Event.h>

Public Attributes

GamepadId id
 Id of the gamepad. More...
GamepadAxis axis
 Axis of the gamepad. More...
int16_t value
 Value of the axis. More...

Detailed Description

Gamepad axis event parameters (EventType::GamepadAxisMoved)

Member Data Documentation

◆ axis

GamepadAxis gf::Event::GamepadAxisEvent::axis

Axis of the gamepad.

◆ id

GamepadId gf::Event::GamepadAxisEvent::id

Id of the gamepad.

◆ value

int16_t gf::Event::GamepadAxisEvent::value

Value of the axis.