Gamedev Framework (gf)  0.7.0
A C++14 framework for 2D games
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gf::TmxText Struct Reference

A text object. More...

#include <gf/Tmx.h>

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Public Types

enum  HAlign {
 A horizontal alignment. More...
enum  VAlign {
 A vertical alignment. More...
- Public Types inherited from gf::TmxObject
enum  Kind {
 The kind of object. More...

Public Attributes

std::string text
 The text of the object. More...
std::string fontFamily
 The font family. More...
unsigned sizeInPixels
 The size of the text in pixel. More...
bool wrap
 The wrap mode. More...
Color4u color
 The color of the text. More...
bool bold
 Is the text in bold? More...
bool italic
 Is the text in italic? More...
bool underline
 Is the text underlined? More...
bool strikeout
 Is the text striked out? More...
bool kerning
 Is the text using kerning? More...
HAlign halign
 The horizontal alignment of the text. More...
VAlign valign
 The vertical alignment of the text. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from gf::TmxObject
Kind kind
 The kind of the object. More...
TmxProperties properties
 The properties of the object. More...
Id id
 The id of the object. More...
std::string name
 The name of the object. More...
std::string type
 The type of the object. More...
Vector2u position
 The position of the object. More...
double rotation
 The rotation of the object. More...
bool visible
 The visibility of the object. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from gf::TmxObject
virtual ~TmxObject ()
 Destructor. More...

Detailed Description

A text object.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ HAlign

enum gf::TmxText::HAlign

A horizontal alignment.


A left horizontal alignment.


A centered horizontal alignment.


A right horizontal alignment.

◆ VAlign

enum gf::TmxText::VAlign

A vertical alignment.


A top vertical alignment.


A centered vertical alignment.


A bottom vertical alignment.

Member Data Documentation

◆ bold

bool gf::TmxText::bold

Is the text in bold?

◆ color

Color4u gf::TmxText::color

The color of the text.

◆ fontFamily

std::string gf::TmxText::fontFamily

The font family.

◆ halign

HAlign gf::TmxText::halign

The horizontal alignment of the text.

◆ italic

bool gf::TmxText::italic

Is the text in italic?

◆ kerning

bool gf::TmxText::kerning

Is the text using kerning?

◆ sizeInPixels

unsigned gf::TmxText::sizeInPixels

The size of the text in pixel.

◆ strikeout

bool gf::TmxText::strikeout

Is the text striked out?

◆ text

std::string gf::TmxText::text

The text of the object.

◆ underline

bool gf::TmxText::underline

Is the text underlined?

◆ valign

VAlign gf::TmxText::valign

The vertical alignment of the text.

◆ wrap

bool gf::TmxText::wrap

The wrap mode.