Gamedev Framework (gf)  0.4.0
A C++11 framework for 2D games
Class Hierarchy

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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Cgf::ActionAn action that can be triggered by different controls
 Cgf::ActionContainerA set of actions
 Cgf::AllTypeSemantic type to represent "all"
 Cgf::AnimationAn animation
 Cgf::Array2D< T >A two-dimensional array
 Cgf::Array2D< int >
 Cgf::ArrayRef< T >A constant reference to an array and its size
 Cgf::AssetManagerAn asset manager
 Cgf::BareTextureAn image that lives in the graphic memory that can be used for drawing
 Cgf::BlendModeBlending modes for drawing
 Cgf::BufferRef< T >A reference to a modifiable buffer and its size
 Cgf::Circ< T >Utility class for manipulating circles
 Cgf::Circ< float >
 Cgf::ClockUtility class that measures the elapsed time
 Cgf::ColorPredefined colors
 Cgf::ColorRampA color ramp
 Cgf::ControlA physical control
 Cgf::CoordinatesHelper to compute coordinates in HUD
 Cgf::DrawableAbstract base class for objects that can be drawn to a render window
 Cgf::EntityA game entity
 Cgf::EntityContainerA collection of entities
 Cgf::EventDefines a system event and its parameters
 Cgf::Flags< E >Bitfield relying on an enumeration
 Cgf::Flags< Mod >
 Cgf::FontA character font
 Cgf::GamepadSome gamepad related functions
 Cgf::Event::GamepadAxisEventGamepad axis event parameters (EventType::GamepadAxisMoved)
 Cgf::Event::GamepadButtonEventGamepad button event parameters (EventType::GamepadButtonPressed, EventType::GamepadButtonReleased)
 Cgf::Event::GamepadConnectionGamepad connection event parameters (EventType::GamepadConnected)
 Cgf::Event::GamepadDisconnectionGamepad disconnection event parameters (EventType::GamepadDisconnected)
 Cgf::GlyphA glyph
 Cgf::ImageClass for loading, manipulating and saving images
 Cgf::InputStreamAbstract class for custom file input streams
 Cgf::KeyboardSome keyboard related functions
 Cgf::Event::KeyEventKeyboard event parameters (EventType::KeyPressed, EventType::KeyReleased, EventType::KeyRepeated)
 Cgf::LibraryA class to represent the library
 Cgf::LogLogging functions
 Cgf::Matrix< T, ROWS, COLS >General purpose math matrix
 Cgf::Matrix< float, 3, 3 >
 Cgf::Matrix< T, 2, 2 >A 2x2 matrix
 Cgf::Matrix< T, 3, 3 >A 3x3 matrix
 Cgf::Matrix< T, 4, 4 >A 4x4 matrix
 Cgf::MessageThe base class for all messages
 Cgf::MessageManagerA message manager
 Cgf::ModelA game object that can be updated
 Cgf::ModelContainerA collection of models
 Cgf::MonitorA monitor
 Cgf::Event::MouseButtonEventMouse button event parameters (EventType::MouseButtonPressed, EventType::MouseButtonReleased)
 Cgf::Event::MouseCursorEventMouse cursor move event parameters (EventType::MouseMoved)
 Cgf::Event::MouseWheelEventMouse wheel event parameters (EventType::MouseWheelScrolled)
 Cgf::Noise2D2D A noise function
 Cgf::Noise3D3D A noise function
 Cgf::NoneTypeSemantic type to represent "none"
 Cgf::PathsSpecial paths
 Cgf::PenetrationData about the collision between two objects
 Cgf::PhysicsBodyA physics body
 Cgf::PhysicsGeometryThe geometry of a physics body
 Cgf::PolygonA convex polygon
 Cgf::PolylineA polyline
 Cgf::Queue< T >A simple concurrent queue
 Cgf::RandomA random engine
 Cgf::Range< T >A half-open range of values
 Cgf::Rect< T >Utility class for manipulating 2D axis aligned rectangles
 Cgf::Rect< float >
 Cgf::Rect< unsigned >
 Cgf::RenderStatesDefine the states used for drawing to a RenderTarget
 Cgf::RenderTargetBase class for all render targets (window, texture, ...)
 Cgf::ResourceCache< T >A generic cache for resources
 Cgf::ResourceCache< gf::Font >
 Cgf::ResourceCache< gf::Texture >
 Cgf::RotationA rotation
 Cgf::RuneA character encoded in UTF-8
 Cgf::ShaderAn OpenGL vertex and/or fragment shader
 Cgf::Singleton< T >A singleton that wraps a pointer provided by a storage
 Cgf::SingletonStorage< T >A storage for a singleton
 Cgf::SpriteBatchA sprite batch
 Cgf::StringRefA constant reference to a string and its size
 Cgf::SystemInfoA class for system info
 Cgf::Event::TextEventText event parameters (EventType::TextEntered)
 Cgf::TextureAtlasA collection of sub-texture
 Cgf::TimeRepresents a time value
 Cgf::TransformA simple transformation (rotation then translation)
 Cgf::TranslationA translation
 Cgf::UIBrowserData for file selector
 Cgf::UIEditTypePredefined flags for edit
 Cgf::Vector< T, N >General purpose math vector
 Cgf::Vector< float, 2 >
 Cgf::Vector< float, 4 >
 Cgf::Vector< int, 2 >
 Cgf::Vector< T, 2 >A 2D vector
 Cgf::Vector< T, 3 >A 3D vector
 Cgf::Vector< T, 4 >A 4D vector
 Cgf::Vector< unsigned, 2 >
 Cgf::Library::VersionInformation about version
 Cgf::VertexA point associated with a color and a texture coordinate
 Cgf::VertexBufferData in the graphics memory
 Cgf::VideoModeA video mode
 Cgf::View2D camera that defines what region is shown on screen
 Cgf::ViewContainerA container of views
 Cgf::WindowAn OS window